Teams and Yearlings for Sale

We have Yearlings for Sale! Contact Us for more information.

We do not have any teams for sale currently. Horses are being trained currently, and we may have a team for sale in 2018.

American Suffolk Punch Draft Horses on the Farm

Our passion is working with draft horses. They are the backbone of the farm, and our teammates in most farm activities. We design our systems to accommodate their strengths and to compensate for their weaknesses. Draft horses agricultural strengths include hauling, low impact and fertilizing as they go.  They haul feed out to the pigs, chickens and turkeys; plow and cultivate our fields; mow, rake and ted hay; haul sap to the sugar house; and log in our woods.   Because they cause less compaction than a tractor we can often get into wet fields a few days earlier in the spring, and navigate muddy roads without getting stuck.  In many of these tasks the horses are actually helping to grow the feed grain and hay that sustains them.  

However, horses do not dig or lift well, nor do they efficiently run a PTO.  So, we do use diesel powered equipment to compensate. We have an excavator to help us dig foundations for new buildings, build roads, move rocks and dig ditches. As of early spring 2016, we also have one tractor, which will help us grind our own grain into feed for pigs, chickens, turkeys and horses.  It will also do a lot of the heavy lifting required during the construction of our new barn, our new farm house and many other projects.


Breeding and Training

We live in an area where demand for trained draft teams is high, but supply is low, so we have started our own breeding and training program.  We raise or buy in drafts, pair them, and train them to be strong, well-behaved teams that can work all day. 

Our two main trainers are Chad Vogel and Nathan Henderson, who have 20 years of combined experience working draft horses.

We are members of the Draft Animal Power Network and the American Suffolk Horse Association and hold workshops for teamster training through The Essex Farm Institute.

Reber Rock Horse Logging

Learn more about horse logging services & purchasing lumber produced from Draft power.