We are a 120-acre draft powered farm in Essex, NY. We produce a diversity of grassfed and pasture raised meats, small grains, vegetables, herbs, fruits & maple syrup.

Our goal is to provide delicious, healthy, affordable food for the Essex foodscape and beyond. We work with draft horses because we believe their presence on the farm is good for the land, the air and our souls. Reber Rock is designed as a two-family farm, with the management and labor burden split across two couples, so that each can stay health and happy for many years to come.


Farm Store


Custom Meat Orders

For pick up in the fall, place your beef and pork order today. Supply is limited.

Chicken is available today at the Farm Store or order here.



Our beef is 100% grassfed.

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Our pigs are raised on a diet of what they can find in the pastures, woods and organic or local grain.

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Our chickens are organically fed and pasture raised.

Available now in the Farm Store or order online here.


Unfortunately we will not be raising turkeys for the 2018 season, we plan to raise them again in 2019!

Our turkeys are organically fed and pasture raised.

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on farm store

Open everyday, 8am - 8pm

We are a convenient local food store selling our own products as well as products from 10 other producers, artisans and herbalists.

In 2017, you can also find us at Willsboro, Keene Valley and Downtown Rising Markets.