Why Horse power

We use horses to pull logs from the forest providing a low-impact, uniquely sourced product. Horses don’t cause soil compaction nor rutted skid roads that are often associated with large machines. Trees have numerous roots close to the surface of the ground hat are easily damaged by heavy machinery. Horses have greater maneuverability and are able to make tight turns without damaging trees.


Why Restorative Forestry

Our method of selecting individual trees on a “worst first” basis improves the quality of the trees in a given forest. Limiting removal to no more than 30% maintains the forested condition. Creating small pockets in the forest where light can get to the ground allows natural regeneration of a range of tree species.

We believe Draftwood standards exceed every other standard in the industry, including Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Our products are guaranteed to have been harvested under Draftwood Principles, Criteria and Guidelines. Draftwood Green Certified Forest Products have been used in L.E.E.D building projects.